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Opening up shop in High Street Maryborough in 1962,

local residents Brian and Win O'Halloran were looking to provide the community with affordable yet high-quality furniture and flooring.


This was created with big success!

A few years later in 1964, O'Hallorans moved and expanded its store to its current location which is now known and loved in the community (& beyond).


Their son James happily joined the thriving business in 1974 and continued the growth of the O'Hallorans venture. 


Throughout the years the business has further grown and increased its range of products and services.

After Brian's passing in 1996, the third generation of the family, James' son Colin began working with the business in the year 2000 along with James' wife Jean.

Fast forward to now, O'Hallrons is a well-known name and we continue to stick to the original values and goals started nearly sixty years ago. 

Come in, we would love to see you in store.

O'Hallorans Team

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